Harness the power of mindset to release your greatest power.


Success is the starting point, not the destination.

Doing the impossible is the path to greatness.


Untapped greatness lies within you. Born with unbounded potential, the capacity for doing the impossible is inherent in every human being. Yet, the majority of us have been conditioned to deny our birthright and settle for status quo. Unwittingly, we believe greatness is reserved for a lucky few and the exceptional are truly an exception, set apart by some fantastical, foreign ability.

" Everything that propels your heroes and role models to defy convention and dare to be great, also exists in you. "

Are you ready to tap into your unbounded potential? Recognizing and igniting your inner flame of greatness is as simple as making a decision to explore your full potential.

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About the Event

The Do The Impossible Live event is designed to take you on a journey of radical transformation through Business Mindset Training, Performance Coaching, Strategic Mentoring, and Community Peer Groups. This multi-day event will immerse you in a realm of growth and expansion never experienced before.*

* This may be a tax deductible event. Please consult your CPA to confirm.


*Seats are limited.


September 16th - 19th


Sonesta Bee Cave

12525 Bee Cave Pkwy
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Do The Impossible

Gain exclusive access to business training and content experiences unavailable in any other JDC offering.

Event Schedule

Who is the Live Event for?

If any of the following statements are true, this event is right for you:

I am ready to tap into my full potential.

I am ready to immerse myself in a group of elite people journeying toward their highest version.

I am ready to experience immediate transformation.

I am ready to access my infinite nature and expand beyond what I believed was possible.

I am ready to ascend to a realm of unequivocal greatness and success I have never experienced.

I am ready to compound my learnings from Coaching and the Mindset Academy to unlock radical acceleration.

I am ready to leave behind the status quo and instead pursue excellence.

I am ready to finally achieve the levels of success I’ve been seeking.

I am ready to become the person that others view as the definition of success.

I am ready to overcome every obstacle in my way.

I am ready to shed doubt, fear, and lack of confidence and replace them with alignment, certainty, and confidence.

I am ready to Do The Impossible.

The Pillars of the Live Event

1. Mindset Training

Presentations and transformational experiences designed to elevate your mindset and access your full potential.

2. Performance Coaching

Individual and group coaching sessions designed to overcome obstacles, create alignment, and drive personal growth.  

3. Strategic Mentoring

Sessions and strategies from the most successful among us to put your elevated and aligned mindset to work in pursuit of your impossible targets.

4. Community Peer Groups

Gatherings and breakouts to foster connection, relationships, and support among attendees for everyone’s common gain.

" What I love about this event is that the impact of it will radically pass what anyone thinks is possible in a four-day event. "

- Jason Drees


Jason Drees

Founder, CEO, Master Coach, Author

Helping thousands Do The Impossible.

Experience Impossible 

The Do The Impossible Live Event will create transformation in ways you’ve never experienced before. Join hundreds of JDC members on our collective quest to achieve Impossible targets.

1. Align your mindset

2. Immerse yourself among high performers

3. Transform your beliefs

4. Access elevated frames

5. Achieve the Impossible

" Impossible is just an uncommon target. "

- Jason Drees

Meet Jason Drees LIVE!

Like thousands of people, you’ve experienced the power of Jason Drees’ mindset transformation coaching from the comfort of your home or office. Whether through Mindset Academy or Coaching sessions, you’ve tasted your infinite potential and have grown and expanded in ways you never thought possible. 

Now, for the first time ever, you can experience Jason’s coaching LIVE to harness the full power of your mindset to achieve your Impossible goals.

Experience Your Community

The JDC Community has resulted in enormously profitable businesses, successful partnerships, mentoring relationships, and most importantly friendships. Join us in Austin to experience the power of this community first hand.

" The Live Event is designed to create immediate transformation & complete integration. "

- Jason Drees


Get your travel plans in as soon as you can! Here’s what you need to know to attend the live event.

*Airfare and hotel fees not included in the price of the ticket

VIP Admission

September 15th - 19th

  • Book travel to Austin, TX by 4:00 PM CDT on September 15th
  • Book 4 nights at The LINE Austin Hotel and plan to arrive by 5:00 PM CDT on September 15th
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VIP Admission


September 16th - 19th

  • Access all presentations, keynotes, and guest speaker sessions
  • Join all Transformation Experiences
  • Experience vibrant community events
  • Participate in all mindset exercises
  • Connect with other JDC community members
  • Access JDC Coaches, mentors, investors, and influencers
  • Learn to Do The Impossible
  • Business Training
  • Do The Impossible Mini Course included!
  • Exclusive Dinner with Jason
  • Exclusive VIP Group Experiences
  • Exclusive VIP Networking Session 

* Seats are limited.