JDC Mindset Academy: 2021 Full Year Program

Featuring Brandon Turner

Complimentary 90 Minute JDC Creating a 10x Mindset Call

Thursday, 2/11/21 10:00 AM PST -  Upgrade your business & mindset for 2021 - Learn the foundation that Jason used for his.

Your Instructors

Jason Drees

What you'll get from Jason:

Mindset Transformation Expert, Jason Drees, will be delivering his mindset elevation tools year round. Bringing new content that even his 1 on 1 coaching clients haven't seen, this program will teach you how to unlock your full potential and impact your life in ways that you never knew was possible. These are the exact same tools Jason used to grow his own business 10X over last year.

Brandon Turner

What you'll get from Brandon:

Brandon will teach you his principles to success, real state strategy, and business strategies, all contributing towards a concrete guide to exploding your wealth. These strategies coupled with Jason's mindset tools will accelerate you towards the life you deserve.

Hear from an instructor!

Check out why Brandon Turner thinks transforming your mindset is so important and how Jason Drees Coaching has changed his life.


Unlock the best version of yourself.

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2021 Full Year Program

Program begins January 12, 2021

Exclusive Community

Get lifetime access to the JDC Facebook Client Community and the BRAND NEW Mindset Academy Slack Channel where networks are built, friendships are made, and deals are done.

Weekly Sessions

We don't want you to go at this alone. So we run one live session every week that gives you access to Jason Drees, Brandon Turner, Guest Speakers, and other Mindset Academy members. 

Coaching Calls

Jason will lead a two 45 minute group coaching calls each month. Experience his renowned expertise first hand with the chance of being chosen to be coached in front of the group. 

This Program Includes:

1. 12 Month membership to Mindset Academy

2. 2 x 60 min mindset mastery calls per month with Jason Drees

3. 1 x 60 min mentor call per month with Brandon Turner (includes Q&A)

4. 1 x 60 min call per month (with Jason, Brandon, both or a guest speaker)

5. 2 x 45 min community 1 on 1 group coaching calls per month (get coached by Jason)

6. 10% discount on 1:1 Coaching with a JDC team coach

7. JDC Private Facebook community

8. NEW Mindset Academy Slack community

9. Lifetime Access to all 2021 Mindset Academy content

10. An amazing entrepreneur peer group to grow & get support from

Pricing Options

Program begins January 12, 2020

JDC Mindset Academy 1-Year Membership




JDC Mindset Academy 1-Year Membership




JDC Mindset Academy 1-Year Membership




Mindset Academy 2021 Scheudle

All sessions are live and also recorded! Can't make it? Watch the replays!

Mindset & Mentor Calls

Every Tuesday at 12:00PM PST


Group Coaching Calls

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 12:00PM PST, starting 1/21/21

Interested in Group Pricing?

Whether you want your whole team to join the 2021 JDC Mindset Academy or you are interested in signing up with a spouse or friend, we have group pricing options available for you. Use the form below to get in touch. 

Want Access to the 6 Week Mindset Acceleration Program?

Purchase the program and instantly experience over 20 hours of content from Jason Drees and Brandon Turner.

"If you want to turn decades into days, Jason Drees is your man!"

Matt Onofrio
Real Estate Investor who Earned $3,000,000 in 12 Weeks

Who is Jason Drees?


Unlock the best version of yourself.

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"Within 48 hours [of my call with Jason], I landed another $25k in business!"

Kamahl Barhoush
Head Coach, Barefoot Business, Business Growth Expert


Are you aiming at what you want or are you aiming at what is possible? JDC Mindset Academy will aid in properly aligning your mindset to your ultimate goals, so ideas and actions will flow with ease 


Being immersed in a community with like-minded individuals will strengthen your growth. Accelerate your progress and soar beyond your comfort zone as you unlock your full potential. 


Conquer your goals and shatter old financial barriers and uncover how fun life really is when you start living life in the flow of success where no goal is impossible. 

The distance is shorter than you think.  

Does it ever feel like the life you've been striving to create is getting further and further away? Do you feel bogged down by the constant grind with little to show for it? Don't worry. This stuff is normal, but it doesn't have to be your normal. The fact that you've come this far tells us that you are open to the change needed to unlock your true potential. We understand this is a big investment, but we can promise you that the distance between where you are and where you belong is shorter than you think. 

Talk to us.

This is a big decision and you may still have questions. Our team is ready to answer them. Let's set up a call.


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